Our World, Our Responsibilty!

Eco Patrol


Teens & Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation (TAFU)

Teens & Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation (TAFU)- was founded to join the common goals and actions of young people around the globe, with the aim to call us and remind us all of our responsibility. Nothing new or unseen yet, our only difference is that to make everybody aware of the fact that: “I can do something, I can clean this up, I can do this myself, rather than go protesting…”

Teens & Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation – is a non-profit, non-protesting global group promoting awareness and calling on the personal responsibilities and actions of individuals, families, friends, groups, institutions, corporations, governments.

We are not and will not be fundraising, we also will not be selling anything, we will not be protesting, we are taking real action and doing it with our hands. Teens & Friends United will not be fundraising or selling anything.

We are making global projects and spreading awareness. We are calling everyone to join us, everyone regardless of age, language, or corner of the world they come from. Let’s join our forces and start acting and calling everyone to action!

Our other projects:

  1. Environmental Education – schools, youth centres, webinars, and anywhere on invitation – covering many topics such as Pollution and Climate Change…
  2. Webinars and information about the importance of certain animal species in our ecosystems and why it is important to conserve them – for example, vultures and mosquitos…
  3. Wildfire awareness – more emphasis on human-made fires and how they threaten the ecosystem and the lives of animals that live in them…

Everyone is welcome and, even more so, invited to join us. Every project, every idea, every attempt to preserve nature, recover the damage caused, will be supported and promoted by Teens & Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation.