Great Attenborough Clean-ups

Join us in our next Great Attenborough Clean-up on the seventh and eigth of August!

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Great Attenborough Clean-ups🌍

We wanted to take the opportunity to express gratitude to Sir David Attenborough and to, in a way, use his popularity to gather momentum to make everyone aware of a simple ability, that every single one of us can participate in, by small contributions to make big global changes. Our first clean up event was to express our best wishes to sir David Attenborough and more than anything to thank him for all these years that he spent teaching generations and making them aware of the need for personal responsibility and introducing the natural world. So, the first event was very successful, however not successful enough. Therefore, we decided to have a Great Attenborough Clean-Up every first weekend of every month!

Our goal with these clean-ups is to engage as many people as possible not to throw rubbish everywhere; if it is recyclable or reusable you don’t have to throw it away at all, in some countries you can even get money for returning plastic bottles to supermarkets. The first step in reviving the earth is stopping pollution and the second is cleaning areas that are already polluted. Therefore, we hope to achieve both of these steps with our Great Attenborough Clean-Ups. We hope that everyone will continue cleaning and being environmentally friendly after each event.

So, we would like to ask everyone who wants to, to send us their pictures in-action, not to show off, but to encourage everybody to take part. With your permission, pictures we receive will be put on social media and some will be put on our website to encourage others. We just want everyone to want everyone else to also join in, to have fun, to feel good cleaning our nature and our planet.

If somebody has an additional idea how to involve as many people as possible, please use it and please let us know! Let us all take our lives and the state of our environment into our own hands!

Join us every first weekend of the month in our Great Attenborough Clean-Ups to clean our green spaces and blue spaces!

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Please help make our world a better place!🐝
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