Ornithology Clubs

Ornithology Clubs

Sign up to one of TAFU’s Ornithology Clubs by sending an email to contact@tafu.info with the subject “TAFU’s Ornithology Clubs” and state which group you would like to join!

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new ornithology clubs at TAFU!

  • Junior Ornithology Club
  • Ornithology Club for more experienced bird lovers, hosted by Josh Howells, offers a space for experienced bird watchers to come together and expand their knowledge and share with all of us who want to know and do more

Our goal is to learn more about birds’ migration patterns, habitats, nesting and breeding behaviours, and their unique calls and sounds. By gaining a deeper understanding of these fascinating creatures, we will be better equipped to identify and appreciate the many birds around us. As we explore and learn, we will be encouraged to take time to observe birds in their natural habitat and appreciate their unique contribution to our world.

We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment around us. Our ornithology clubs will also promote conservation efforts to protect these beautiful creatures and raise awareness of their importance in our ecosystem.

We welcome you to join us at our ornithology clubs and embark on an exciting journey to learn more about birds. Together, let us work towards a more sustainable future for our feathered friends.

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