TAFU’s Global Chain of Green Schools and Institutions

TAFU’s Global Chain of Green Schools and Institutions

TAFU’s Global Chain of Green Schools and Institutions is a developing chain of schools and institutions around the world who are actively taking personal responsibility for their actions towards nature. The main purpose of our chain is to enforce the power of putting our heads together to get better solutions, innovative ideas, and for all of us together, to find a better way, or better ways, to preserve and protect what we have and try to restore what we already destroyed. Only by working together humanity will produce a solution. Let’s be the initiators of this kind of approach.

One way of doing this is through TAFU’s personal responsibly meetings where TAFU volunteers, as well as teachers or employees of that institution, would share ways in which they have taken responsibility upon themselves to tackle issues such as rubbish pollution, planting wildflower meadows, bug hotels, bird housing, helping thy neighbour and much more.

There are simple requirements to become part of TAFU’s Global Chain of Green Schools and Institutions.

Firstly, institutions must hold TAFU’s personal responsibility sessions at least once a fortnight. The same topic will be provided to the registered schools and institutions for each session in order to wake up that lost feeling of community in us and personal responsibility towards nature and one another.

Secondly, organising TAFU events such as clean-ups or team-building activities that promote nature-friendly practices is encouraged.

In addition to fostering collaboration and positive change, we have envisioned several key objectives that every green school or institution should prioritise. Among these is energy sourcing and waste management.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to promoting sustainable practices, we will organise an annual competition among participating schools and institutions. Throughout the year, each school and institution will strive to be highly proactive in implementing their projects as well as those initiated by TAFU. Each member will be assessed equally based on their projects’ impact and the winner will be recognised as TAFU’s Greenest school/institution of the year.

Once a school or institution is a member of TAFU’s GCGSI, we will partner them with another TAFU GCGSI school or institution with similar goals or approaches, and would encourage partnering school and institution students and employees to work together on many different levels.

To apply and become part of TAFU’s Global Chain of Green Schools and Institutions, email us 😊 contact@tafu.info and we will provide you with instructions and issue a certificate of TAFU’s Green Schools or Institutions, and list your institution on our website and social media.

Together we can make a global difference!

List of Member Schools and Institutions

The certificate is not legitimate if the school or institution is not listed on this page.

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