Technological Solutions for Nature and Humanity TAFU Competition

Technological Solutions for Nature and Humanity TAFU Competition

Explore the expanding frontier of technology and conservation, imagine:

  • How can AI revolutionise our approach to protecting nature?
  • In what creative ways can NFTs contribute to conserving our planet?
  • Can robots be essential parts of conservation — what roles could they play, what difference could they make?
  • Are there any possibilities in Metaverse?

Let’s unleash the potential of computing to forge new paths to helping nature thrive!

TAFU is thrilled to announce the creation of our computing and technology competition, aimed at harnessing the creativity and innovation of students in the realm of sustainability and nature conservation. This challenge invites teams of 1-5 students to conceptualise an invention or project idea that not only highlights technological ingenuity but also emphasises a commitment to environmental stewardship. Entrants are expected to detail their project’s feasibility, execution strategy, timeline, and the anticipated environmental impact. With enticing prizes for the top three submissions, the competition seeks to inspire a wave of eco-conscious technological solutions. Moreover, we aspire to support the winning team by potentially collaborating with IT and environmental professionals to bring their visionary project to fruition. Stay tuned for more details as we work to finalise this exciting opportunity, and begin gathering your team to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that bridges technology and environmental preservation.

Once we have a fixed jury, criteria, partnerships, and prizes, we will release the complete details of the competition. We look forward to seeing all your amazing ideas!

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