Local Wildlife Day

Local Wildlife Day

The 11th of July is TAFU’s Local Wildlife Day!

Our Local Wildlife Day was created for everyone to appreciate their local wildlife and the amazing world surrounding them. Unlike other environmental days that often encourage us to appreciate a specific species, for Local Wildlife Day you are encouraged to find out about all the species that surround you personally, learn about them and share your knowledge.

By learning about your local wildlife you will find new ways to contribute to your local environment and do bigger actions throughout the rest of the year that will specifically help the nature around you. You can also learn about local nature conservation organisation and ways to volunteer.

Every year in June we will provide some resources that you can use to spread awareness in your local area! However, we would also love if you were to create your own resources and please send them to us at contact@tafu.info and we will publish them.

Here are some more ideas of what you can do on Local Wildlife Day:

  1. Walk: Go for a walk in your local area! You can combine this with many different activities, such as litter picking, photography and much more.
  2. Photography: Take photos of your local wildlife and when you get home you can learn about all the species you photographed and even share what learnt online.
  3. Litter Pick: go around you local area, you can do it in the green or blue areas around you, or even in town as everything that litters your town will eventually litter your local environment.
  4. Learn and Plant: Learn about the trees in your local area and plant a tree for Local Wildlife Day! You could also learn about what flowers grow in your area and plant them in your garden! Don’t use any chemicals to help it grow though!
  5. Volunteer: You can volunteer for a local environmental organisation. This can be a great way to learn, be part of a community and help your local environment.
  6. Shopping: Spend your day learning about the environmental footprint of some of the things you buy and use on a day-to-day basis. Then you can find out if there are more sustainable alternatives or maybe what you are buying is already most environmentally friendly 😊 You can also learn more about the local shops around you which are likely to be more sustainable, due to the length of the supply chain being a lot smaller.
  7. Transport: You can look into more environmentally friendly ways to travel. For example, you could cycle, skate or walk to work or school rather than taking a car or public transport. Another example is that some airlines are more environmentally friendly than others. So if you are planning to go somewhere soon, find out which airline is best for the environment and for you.
  8. Reduce, reuse, and recycle: It’s easy to forget that you can actually make a difference in these 3Rs except from just passing your rubbish on, but you can! Not everything is rubbish, a lot of things can be reused for the same purpose or you could give a completely new purpose, do some DIY!
  9. Plastic Art: Gather and collect plastic from your house as well as from local area and use it to make some amazing and beautiful artworks! You can also incorporate natural resources in your artwork, such as driftwood, shells, pinecones and much more!
  10. Citizen Science: Participate in citizen science events and programs. There are thousands of citizen science projects so you can choose one that is close to your heart, from butterflies to whales!
  11. Event: Make your own event! If you think your community should be doing more for your local environment, organise an event that you think is important! You can collaborate with local environmental organisations and even local shops. Your event can feature anything you like, from clean-up of an area to an education day!

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