Nika S Underwood

Nika Strok Underwood – Founder

Nika Strok Underwood

Founder, Executive Co-chair, CEO & representative for anglophone and francophone countries

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Nika founded TAFU, in a desire to encourage individuals to take up their responsibilities towards the environment/nature and our planet. She is very passionate when it comes to nature and firmly believes that things will get better if individuals adopt a healthy attitude towards nature, a similar one we have towards our own health and wellbeing. She feels strong responsibility towards nature and to feels the to engage everyone.

At a mere 16 years old, Nika is a true force to be reckoned with. Her exceptional accomplishments in the field of nature conservation have already left an indelible mark on the world. As the founder of TAFU, a nature conservation organisation, Nika has demonstrated a level

of commitment to the protection of the environment and its wildlife that is unmatched by most people, not to mention people of her age.

But Nika’s talent is not limited to her conservation efforts. She is a gifted musician, displaying an astonishing ability to play the piano and sing. She is also an active participant in numerous other activities, yet still finds the time to offer a caring heart and an infectious smile to those around her.

Nika’s academic achievements are nothing short of phenomenal. At the age of 14, she achieved an incredible feat by completing three A-levels in Geology, Latin, and French. Her ability to surpass expectations has only continued, with Nika being two years ahead in her studies, already tackling an impressive eight more A-levels at Minerva Academy. Her academic accomplishments have earned her exceptional grades and grade predictions, making her one of the brightest and most outstanding students in her course, regardless of her young age.

Now, at 15, Nika is also beginning her undergraduate journey studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics BSc (Hons). After which, Nika plans to study Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and then combine these two fields of study, as well as music, in the hope of making groundbreaking discoveries to help preserve and recover the Earth.

Despite her overwhelming schedule, Nika remains dedicated to her peers, actively participating in various student interest groups, including a conservation group that she personally leads. She is also part of a Student Voice group, tirelessly working on student mentorship. Nika’s commitment to helping others is palpable in everything she does, from her punctuality and perfect attendance to her timely completion of all assignments.

Despite her young age, Nika has taken on a remarkable amount of responsibility with TAFU, conducting extensive researches, writing numerous nature articles, and organising successful international concerts to raise awareness of the need for nature protection. Additionally, she has leading successful clean-up initiatives, she is organising, preparing, and conducting interviews. Nika also handles all IT and editing work and is responsible for publishing TAFU’s work.

Nika’s impressive project management and time management skills continue to astonish those around her. Her unwavering dedication to improving the world and supporting those in need make her a true role model for everyone.

A note from one of Nika’s teachers:

Nika is an exceptional individual. Her drive and capacity for work are unique amongst the students I have taught. Nika is relentlessly hardworking and engages deeply in her study of physics.
Nika sets an example for her peers. She can always be relied upon to make meaningful contributions and ask questions that do not necessarily occur to others. She is naturally curious and has a desire to fully understand the world around her. This, coupled with her ability to think critically makes her highly suited to the study of science.

The way she approaches her study of physics is not limited to this subject. She applies herself with the same rigour across her subjects. Her ability to do so speaks volumes about her organisation. She follows an extremely detailed and extensive timetable in order to keep up with all her commitments. To follow this, and to self-manage these demonstrate a maturity that is rather unusual for someone her age. This is further exemplified by her decision to pursue her 8 additional A-Levels in an online learning environment. This model of education requires a great deal of independence from students – a trait Nika possesses in abundance.

This is also evidenced in her extracurricular endeavours. Her passion and drive extend to a wide range of interests outside the classroom. A prime example of this is her act of founding TAFU – an organisation created to encourage people to take responsibility for the environment. A truly impressive organisation that carries out a wide range of interesting and meaningful projects. Her role as president of the organisation demonstrates her leadership ability.

In addition to her impressive undertakings, Nika is also a genuine and very likable person. She is down to earth, sociable, and always willing to help others. People like Nika are rare. To have the opportunity to work with her and support her on her journey is special.

Chris Dobie

Physics Teacher

Nika cleaning the seas.
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