Bee Day

Bee Day

Bees are essential for the balance of our ecosystems around the world. Food production is just one of many examples of what depends on bees, with one-third of our global food supply depending on their pollination. Despite this, they face threats like habitat loss, disease, and climate change, all due to or at least emphasised by us.

World Bee Day isn’t just about the honeybee. It’s about recognising and preserving all species of bees, from bumblebees to leaf-cutter bees, each vital in their own unique way.

Bumblebees, for example, are key pollinators of crops and wildflowers.

There are 20, ooo bee species in the world and each and everyone of them do their little part. Every one of us can contribute to bee conservation. Plant bee-friendly flowers, reduce pesticide use, or support local beekeepers. Their survival directly impacts ours. Just as bees are key to our survival, so are we to theirs.

This World Bee Day, let’s commit to protect these extraordinary little creatures, for they need us as much as we need them.

Happy World Bee Day!

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