Liam O’ Donnell

Liam’s Exhibition

Liam O’ Donnell

My passion for wildlife photography started when I was just seven years old, I am currently thirteen and my passion has become my life. I spend countless hours waiting hidden in hedgerows or behind trees for just one photo. When I get that photo that I love it feels like heaven. I started off photography with a bridge camera that had x4 zoom and I couldn’t get any close up photos of birds or animals no matter how hard I tried.

I started saving my money to buy my dream camera and after four years of saving I finally had enough money to buy it. I use my camera in full manual mode and can operate all of the settings. My favourite thing to photograph are birds. I have spent a very long time studding birds and now I can identify more than a third of Irelands birds by their calls alone. I will travel up to 25km away to catch a glimpse of a rare bird. I will get up early on most weekends so I am out taking photos at sunrise. I have recently moved house to the countryside and the garden is thriving with all sorts of wildlife. Just yesterday when I was out taking photos I spotted a family of young rabbits playing in the fields. I have a dream that one day I will be a professional nature photographer, I will continue to follow my dreams and photograph  all the wildlife that comes my way.

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