Nino Salkic

Nino is a professional nature photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world. From a young age, he has had a deep interest in various areas of life, but his greatest passion has always been in nature. Growing up, he spent a lot of time in nature with his grandparents, particularly in the Velebit mountain range where his roots are deeply ingrained. Photography runs in his family, as his grandfather and great-grandfather were both trained photographers who worked in the field throughout their lives.

Nino began experimenting with photography at a young age, borrowing his grandfather’s camera to take pictures. As he grew older, he began to explore the landscape independently and expanded his photography skills, starting with an old digital camera and then an analog camera. These early experiences provided him with a unique perspective and style.

At the age of 15, Nino purchased his first DSLR camera, which opened up new possibilities and allowed him to focus more on nature photography, particularly animals. He found that capturing the beauty and behavior of wild animals was the most challenging but also the most rewarding aspect of his craft.

With years of experience and dedication, Nino has honed his skills and is able to spend multiple days in the mountains searching for the perfect shot. Whether it’s a landscape, weather phenomenon, or wild animal, each photograph holds a special place in his memory and adds to his experiences. The moment when he finally hears the sound of the camera’s shutter and sees the image he captured on the screen is always a source of great satisfaction.

Throughout his photography career, Nino has focused on promoting the natural beauty of plants, animals, and cultural heritage of Croatia and other countries he has visited. He is committed to using his art to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the natural world and its inhabitants for future generations.

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