TAFU’s Easter Clean-Up: April 7th-10th 2023

Who doesn’t like a Participation Certificate, or sticker or better yet, a Badge, to show off to everyone that you’ve been a part of something big last weekend?

But we all know that these incentives involve material, plastics, papers, metals, all of which will probably end up in landfill, basically going against our ethos and intentions. But we’d still love a sticker or stamp to mark the occasion, wouldn’t you?

Enter … NFTs Badges!

What are they?

We found NFTs to be about as real to a badge as a digital thing can be, without the material waste!

The badges are unique to each clean-up, they belong to you, owned by you, and signify you did your part in acting responsibly towards our precious planet.

Our NFTs can be created, collected, burnt, exchanged, shared and viewed an infinite number of times without wear and tare or any material waste. View them on your phone, laptop, desktop and even smart watch.

How do I earn a participation NFT Badge?

To earn your NFT Badge, continue as you were!

Complete your clean ups, send us a photo of your success and we’ll mint an NFT for you!

What can I do with them?

Right now you can collection them. Not only do they record the fact that you helped keep the planet clean, but once you collect 12 unique ones it entitles you to receive a TAFU NFT unique to you for trading, sale, or to collect!

To avail of NFT Badges you will need a Digital Wallet on the Flow Blockchain, which is easy and free to setup if you don’t have one. Just follow these instructions.

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