Setup your Digital Wallet

To claim your Participation NFT follow the 3 step process below.

In this guide you will:

  1. Create a Free Digital Wallet for holding your Participation NFTs
  2. Send TAFU your Digital Wallet address
  3. Receive and view your Participation NFT!

1. Create your Free Digital Wallet

  1. Visit this address:

2. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button

3. Select the Blotco option

4. Enter your email address, click register

5. Check your email and look out for the One Time Passcore from Blotco

6. Enter your Passcode and hit Confirm button

7. Click the top-right account button (your’s will have different characters)

8. Tap the “Setup Account” button

9. Tap Approve, wait 20-30 sec “Successfully setup your account”

10. You Made It! You have setup your Ditigal Wallet, now to claim your NFT!

2. Send your address back to TAFU

This one is simple, Tap the copy address button  which will copy the address to your clipboard. Paste this into an email and send to us. Make sure to use the same email address as you sent your photos into us.

3. Receive your Participation Certificate NFT!

TAFU will “airdrop” your Participation Certification into your address very soon.

Tap “Floats” and your Participation Certification should be displayed

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