Our World, Our Responsibilty!

Eco Patrol

For general information and ideas contact us at: info@teensandfriendsunited.org or contact@tafu.info
For polluted areas, contact us at: eco-patrol@teensandfriendsunited.org

About us

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Annie Underwood
Social Media Manager and General Adviser

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Ivan S. Underwood
TAFU’s Marine Biologist and General Adviser

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Our Partners

Sea’d is a small NPO who hopes to bring both large and small communities together. No matter the size of your efforts, it is all important as we wish to shed light and spread support for all those working together in creating a better future. We even help plant trees!
Our name is a tribute to our passion for everything from the land to all that is ultimately apart of our sea. ‘Seedy’, ‘Seed’ or just Sea with a d at the end a play on words but signifying the rooted connection nature has with everything, including us.

Terms of business for partnerships

If you think you are a good fit for this role please contact us at info@teensandfriendsunited.org

Teens and Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation is a non-profitable, non-protesting global organisation promoting awareness and calling on personal responsibility from individuals, institutions, and groups.

Partners agree not to engage in any projects on behalf of Teens and Friends United – Nature Conservation Organisation (TAFU) without prior agreement.

It must be known that TAFU is a non-profitable organisation that promotes only action and does not participate in fundraising activities or any type of protesting, neither for our own activities nor for the activities of others.

Any fundraising or representing TAFU is strictly prohibited.

We are delighted with our partnership and look forward to all our future joint projects.

TAFU reserves right to edit terms and conditions at any time if there’s a need to do so at any times