Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer is a photographer based in Den Haag, Netherlands. My go-to lifehack: be passionate about something, no matter what. I don’t mind getting up at 6 A.M. to catch the best light or spending hours getting every single line of a logo in place. Some may call it obsession, but my mind always scans its environment for photogenic subjects and sees the world through a branding frame. And if not, then I’m probably planning my next journey or I’m wondering which cheese I should devour next. Never without (cheesy) humour and always trying to go the extra (sea-)mile.

What I’m proud of

_ since 2014: freelance photographer
_ 2017: photo-exhibition “500.00km² mehr – einmal um Island”
_ 2018: student speaker at the FYI conference, Vienna
_ since 2018: design lead at Studio Piraat, Den Haag
_ 2019: ICMA Award Silver: event identity of the Invictus Games 2021
_ 2020/2021/0: ICMA Awards in Gold, Silver and Excellence in various projects
_ since 2022: owner & chief creative at The Daily Pins

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