Christmas Concert for Nature 2022

in this holiday season and wish you all a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year! We are incredibly grateful to all our renowned, prominent and amazing artists from various genres, ages, nationalities, and levels who have contributed to this concert (please see the list below) We hope you all have a wonderful time.

All of us here at TAFU:

Kate Lindeman
Pavel Nersessian
Iryna Riabchun
Daniel Goldstein
Édua Zádory
Zdenka Kovačiček
Elias Haider
Yuriy Shutko
Larissa Deordieva
Božićnih 6
Dr. Jürgen Emhardt
Diana Lopszyc
Félix Ariel Pérez
Francesco Spina
Periklis Emmanouil
Lia Szappanyos
Dario Spina
Andrey Ostapenko
Sam Lawton
Andrew Loh
Greg Samways
Parv Dhillon
Elena Piccione
Daniela Vordermaier
Wildbach Trio
Nika S Underwood
Arieb Azhar
Celeste Garcia
Gabstone ft. Fab I&I
Mihály Bérczes
Adnan Atlalay
Trukish Polyphonic Choirs
Anil Aydin

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