Christmas Concert for Nature 2021

Our World, Our Responsibilty!

Eco Patrol

We would like to invite all musicians, ensembles, solos, genres, even dances and compositions to participate in our Online/Virtual Christmas Concert for Nature, as part of a series of concerts called: “Be Responsible”. No fee of any sort is required, just a video of your performing a piece or pieces, with your name and the names of the piece/s and composer/s.

Become a part of a group of musicians who are raising their voice, saying NATURE needs preserving and protection and calling on everyone to be responsible.

This will be the 2nd in our series of online virtual concerts consisting of all the videos we receive.
Length of performance is totally up to you, all received will be published in full, on our YouTube, pages, website…
We are expecting the project to be followed by some radio stations and TV’s… but we will be contacting them after we have a list of participants

If you are interested in participating, please send your name/s, place, country, piece name and composer and instrument/s to us at:

Thank you

Christmas Concert Part 1

Christmas Concert Part 2