TAFU’s Global Concert

TAFU’s Virtual Global Concert

Musicians of any genre and any instruments are wanted! This is a project to promote awareness of nature amongst musicians and the world, by joining you will be promoting yourself & and help a good cause, get a certificate of gratitude for participation too! TAFU – Nature Conservation Organisation is looking for musicians to participate in our Art for Nature project! Our first global project as part of Art for Nature will be an online concert consisting of many videos which will be sent by you, preferably, if possible outside, not at all obligatory but would be better, a digital flier, will be sent to all participants, to be displayed somewhere visible during the performance …Length of performance is totally up to you, all received will be published in full, on our YouTube, pages, website.. We are expecting the project to be followed by some radio stations and TV’s… but we will be contacting them after we have a list of participants. Please find out more about Art for Nature here: https://teensandfriendsunited.org/?page_id=3346&lang=en.If you are interested in participating, please send your name/s, place, country and instrument/s to us at: contact@tafu.info

Thank you

Nika founder at TAFU

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