Emelin dupieux


Our World, Our Responsibilty!

Eco Patrol

Emelin is an excellent young French teen photographer (17) who has been passionate about nature ever since he was a child. He was always attracted to animals of all kinds. He finds himself lucky, living in Ardèche, amongst chestnut forests, streams and meadows. At the age of 12 he got his first camera as a present. Taking photos of small animals and nature surrounding his home. Emelin would spend hours outside on his own photographing butterflies, praying mantises, springtails, salamanders, frogs…

Emelin has a unique way of highlighting beautiful sunrises or sunsets, and likes to play with lighting. His dream is to meet a lynx or to see an otter to capture them in his unique way. He is specifically interested in winter motives and would like to travel to Nordic countries to preserve with his camera the flora and fauna in his own unique way. See you more here