Celeste Garcia


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Celeste Garcia – Representative for Spanish-speaking countries

Celeste Garcia

Representative for Spanish-speaking countries

I am a firm supporter of sustainable development, and aim to contribute to the cause from where I stand. Since I was a child I’ve had an affinity towards nature and a desire to preserve the environment. Both characteristics have successfully grown on me, manifesting themselves on my career choices.

I am a graduate of “Natural resources management” from a Marist University (Universidad Marista de Mérida) in México, class of 2016.Throughout my academic years I was able to fall even more in love with the natural world on my first camping experiences in the wild. I have since had different work experiences regarding environmental practices such as environmental impact assessment and sustainable forestry plantations. It is with this constant search for ways to retribute to society that I wholeheartedly accept the role of representative for “Teens and Friends United”, for Mexico and South America. I am sure that together we can work from our microenvironments to better the macro panorama of our beloved Earth.

Celeste cleaning environment.

Celeste Garcia